The World’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookie?

When we discovered Bart’s Bakery at the Fancy Food Show in Washington DC in the summer of 2012 - it was the farthest eastward the brand and its owner namesake had ever traveled.

Even before we were properly acquainted, Bart proudly declared that his chocolate chip cookie was the “best in the world”

Uh, well, OK... uh we can work with that...

In fact, no one outside of Los Angeles county proper had ever really heard of Bart’s Bakery and as such could not possibly have an opinion on whether this exquisitely hand crafted artisanal dark chocolate filled, Madagascar vanilla laced miniature cookie gem was really the best chocolate chip cookie in the world... or not.

And who really cared anyway?

Well, at J.W. Oliphant & Associates we believed that a whole lot of folks would care. As a matter of fact, we thought that a question such as this would cut right to the emotional heart of of the chocolate chip cookie matter altogether... and with this much emotional charge accompanying a brand onto the live QVC TV arena, one thing would be for certain - Bart’s pride and joy would either be a huge hit or a big flop.

Just to be sure, we built in a significant value story to balance the strength of the emotional brand positioning. Since Bart’s cookies are miniature in size (Bart just doesn’t like large cookies) and given the strength of his baking efficiencies, we created an offer based on quantity rather than net weight. Knowing the QVC customer can more easily perceive a value based on things she sees (and lots of them) rather than the mathematics of net weights... we built the largest cookie offer based on piece count in the history of the shopping channel.

Now, with the expert food stylings of Culinary Solutions, along with weeks of coaching and tweaking to get our delivery just right - Bart himself debuted his self proclaimed “world’s best chocolate chip cookies” on October 3rd, 2012  @ 5pm with QVC show host Jonathan Redford.

With a fun, quirky, cuddly, “mad-cookie-scientist” approach, Bart won over the QVC audience selling out of his original quantity and forcing those that did not dial in quick enough to sign up for QVC’s wait list so that they too could soon have the chance to see for themselves if Bart’s cookies really are the world’s best!

Oh, and if your wondering if Bart’s cookies are really that good... well, you know the routine - www.qvc.com ;)