December 2016


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In the summer of 2015 Lug joined the J.W. Oliphant & Associates family of brands at QVC and in less than 18 months has firmly established itself as powerhouse in the QVC luggage/fashion accessories category. With sales soaring and a QVC customer base of “lugnuts” building stronger after every airing the path taken by owners Jason and Ami Richter resembles more of a road less traveled than a populated freeway.

You see, Jason and Ami are travelers by their very nature. From the moment they met at a trade show their relationship has been defined easily by one common thread, their love of travel! So when they decided to start their first business together it was natural that they would focus on their travel experience and as a result Lug, the company, was formed with a simple goal to freshen up an otherwise drab and colorless luggage retail environment with fun, functional and colorful designs. Their tagline... “live life in color” sums it up.

Ami heads up the design department ensuring her bags are always chock full of easy access storage and unique features that just make good sense. She “road tests” each bag to ensure it works just as she expects it to – on the road, at the airport, in the mall and everywhere in between! Her use of color and materials are the finishing touches that make Lug bags so special. From celebrities to moms and even the kids... Lug bags are a true expression of those “lugnuts” that carry them! On air, Ami exudes a fun and relatable style that connects effortlessly with her QVC customers. Her big smile and classy personal style lifts her brand’s prestige value enormously – around the QVC studios and around the country, women are furiously adding Ami’s Lug pieces to their collections!

Ami’s co-pilot, Jason, handles the rest of the business. With their explosive success at QVC Jason immediately chartered a course for future growth and sustainability that will allow Lug to continue to scale its business at QVC and around the world. What once may have been a “follow the North Star” approach has quickly turned into a GPS driven, turn-by-turn map complete with route options and coordinated waypoints!

These days, the pair along with their two little ones, and Ami’s parents can be spotted somewhere between PA, TX and Toronto, that is of course if they are not cruising the seven seas or hitting a theme park for the weekend. Those close to

Jason and Ami know that if they want to spend time with them they better schedule it in advance or be ready to jump on a plane at a moment’s notice!

Through their travels, Jason & Ami have met so many great friends and business partners. While they seem to move at the speed of light, they have taken time to smell the roses and appreciate what their journey has given them. Their regular sponsorship and participation in events that raise money for those living with illness or are otherwise disadvantaged is a reflection of the generosity and the balance they keep in their lives despite the hectic schedules they keep.

Like many entrepreneurs growing their business as fast as a moving train, Jason & Ami are tireless in their approach, always remembering to log their experiences into their daily travel journal... and never forgetting that their secret sauce may just well lie in the fact that regardless of whether they are in separate countries or in the same cab they are always moving together!

- Jeff