February 2011



Somewhere around the 200th or 300th visit to my local Starbucks I had an epiphany of sorts... you know the KIND of feeling you get when you finally notice something that has been there all along. Well this particular “aha” moment happened in December of 2010... You see, I was going through my normal Starbuck’s routine... you know, ordering a Grande Pike’s Peak, grabbing a free iTunes pick of the week card and scanning all the socially cool, on trend and totally hip things that surround the cash register... when I realized that these KIND snack bars with their odd “see through” cellophane packages had been occupying this very same prime real estate position for longer than I could remember. I mean these colorful, fruity and nutty healthy snack bars with the simple yet profound message....”Be KIND to your body, your taste buds, and the world” had actually become part of the entire cool, hip socially right - WiFi enabled - “I’m connected to the world” reason that I came to this place everyday... WOW!

Ok - now that the revelation was in full view, it was time to get to know this KIND Healthy Snacks brand, its message - its people...

A quick trip over to www.kindsnacks.com provided all the facts...

An all natural Fruit & Nut Snack brand with ingredients you can actually see and pronounce... Yup that works!

A who’s who of national media coverage - Check!

Awards from experts in health, food and social responsibility. - Sweet!

A bonafide social entrepreneur in Daniel Lubetzky, who leads the KIND movement  - Founded PeaceWorks a “not-only-for-profit”® company that fosters economic cooperation among neighbors striving to co-exist in conflict regions worldwide - Landed on the TIME Magazine “25 Responsibility Pioneers” list and received the 2010 Entrepreneur Magazine “Entrepreneur Of The Year Award”... and that’s just the beginning - Whew!
Sure, KIND Healthy Snacks checked out very high - BUT were they really a good fit for the QVC demographic?

Answer: YES

QVC and KIND Healthy Snacks were unknowingly headed on a collision course, one that would combine the fast trending sales strength of the gourmet, healthy snack category with the enormous game changing leverage of targeted brand specific social communities that both companies were fully engaging!

J.W. Oliphant & Associates need only bring these two perfectly matched companies together...

On Valentine’s Day 2011, QVC and J.W. Oliphant & Associates, in a “not so” random act of kindness, launched KIND Healthy Snacks with great success - selling out entirely in less than 6 minutes!

More than a few “sell outs” later the KIND Movement on QVC is well on its way to becoming that “aha” moment for QVC devotees across the country who, while tuning in to shop.... are enjoying the wonderfully empowering sensation of KINDness!

- Jeff