January 2006



It was a cold and blustery winter day in West Chester, PA...  Allen Cushman had just arrived from West Palm Beach and he brought a little secret with him.

You see, Allen and his family are the largest providers of a little known gourmet citrus fruit called a Honeybell. What’s a Honeybell you ask? Well, its a cross between a Dancy Tangerine and a Duncan Grapefruit. What’s more, this little fruit gem is only harvested for 4 short weeks in January and that’s it! The Cushman Honeybell is sweeter than the sweetest fruit you’ve ever tasted and the juice it contains is well, legendary! In fact, there is so much juice in a Honeybell that Cushman’s always ships bibs along... just in case!

So here is Allen, with his “January Sunshine” in hand and about to go on national television to sell his little secret. When it dawned on him that he really did not think about what he would wear. “A guy from Florida couldn’t go on TV in front of 90 million homes to sell citrus and not look the part!” So, off we went to the local mall in search of the perfect “sweater” (it was cold after all). As luck would have it, we were spared the drudgery of mall shopping as it didn’t take long at all before we spotted a perfectly “orange” Izod. In fact, it was darn sure “Honeybell Orange”.... we could not resist.

That evening, Allen donned his new look and launched his precious Honeybells on QVC in a pioneering TSV to a rave review. We moved over 65,000 boxes of Honeybells in one day and started then what is regularly referred to today as a true “QVC tradition”.

The “Honeybell Sweater” is now kept under lock and key and Allen is greeted with hugs and kisses at QVC studios each season when he arrives with his “January Sunshine”.

- Jeff