September 2011



When a concept is really, really good there is not much that can stand in its way....

       Why have a copy when you can have the original?

Our proposal to QVC would be to identify the most time honored classic old world French pastry products... the tried and true favorites that Americans have been enjoying for generations (croissants, eclairs, quiche, etc.).. and have them actually made in France by skilled pastry chefs using original recipes and uniquely French ingredients.. and then shipped frozen to the United States in advance of live QVC airings!

It was late January of 2011 during a record setting snowy blizzard that had nearly the entire state of Pennsylvania shut down... J.W. Oliphant & Associates had key partners already “in house” and samples had been flown in from France the day before... Nor’easter or not we had to execute the presentation. The storm was so severe that QVC, in an unprecedented precaution actually closed its doors. One of the QVC buyers lived close by and was willing to brave the treacherous roadway if we could find another meeting site. The other QVC buyer lived over an hour away and could not possibly attend.. J.W. Oliphant & Associates sprang into action by commandeering the kitchen facilities at the Sheraton Great Valley Hotel, styling out a meeting room with a French theme in under an hour and had all the product samples cooked off and served to perfection with one buyer in attendance and one linked in via Skype on a Macbook AND on an iPhone (when we toured the displays around the room!)

What could have been a missed opportunity instead became a winning product presentation as we successfully pitched
a unique gourmet food concept unlike anything available in the United States at the time and shared a most memorable “gourmet blizzard experience” with the QVC buyers that no one will soon forget!

On September 20th, 2011, The Authentic Gourmet concept on QVC debuted with a sellout of item # M25864 The Authentic Gourmet (26) French Made Butter Croissants...

Après un avant-goût de la cuisine française...J'ai été accroché (After one taste of French food... I was hooked)  
- Julia Child                   

Bon appetit!

- Jeff