It was a record hot day in Connecticut. The only thing I wanted to do was stay inside and “chill” literally. No one in their right mind would venture out in this sweltering heat.. well, except me of course. You see, Erika had her mind set on going to the Milford Oyster Festival with its live music, fresh artisan foods and the myriad of crafts, clothes and what I might refer to as “junk”. But after 14 years of marriage , I learned that sometimes the heat outside is not as bad as the heat in the kitchen...So, with a long face and no expectations I agreed to this afternoon foray and grabbed my wallet.

We were already well fed and thoroughly satiated with the droning vibes of one 80’s rock band after another as we  made our way down the very last aisle amongst what seemed like 5,000 craft vendors (all with the same stuff!)... when I did a legitimate “double-take”. You know the kind that makes your neck twinge in pain because of the velocity inflicted... up about 40 yards was a sleek black sign. It stood about 6 feet tall and swayed casually in the stifling breeze.  There was an indistinguishable picture and two phrases... One of these phrases caught my attention... “Played For President George W. Bush” and “Composed For Sex In The City”. (I’ll leave it up to you to determine which phrase did the trick).

I made up the last 40 yards in no time and soon found my self in conversation with the only person at this vendor’s booth, a beautiful young lady named Annie. We spoke for about 10 minutes and in that time I had learned all I needed to know about The O’Neill Brothers.... two guys from Minnesota...playing dueling grand pianos...with no major record label...inspired by their mother...with a catalog of 18 finished CD’s. (Hmmmmmm)

After a debut “sell out” of their 3 CD collection of love songs (From The Heart) Tim and Ryan O’Neill would go on to become the best selling musical artists on QVC for the next 4 years, selling over 1 million CD’s and hitting the Top Pop Catalog Album Billboard chart in May 2005 at  # 31 just below Elvis Presley... It must have been a sign!

- Jeff